Princess Tiana | Profile portrait (by chris.alcoran)


Princess Tiana | Profile portrait (by chris.alcoran)


find the differences


“Tiana, I love…the way you light up when you talk about your dream. A dream that it is so beautiful I…I promise…I will do whatever it takes to make it come true.”

Tiana and Naveen are so great okay. I love how they bring out the best in each other and are so supportive.  I love that Naveen doesn’t “save” Tiana. The scene where they fix up Tiana’s Palace will always be a much more romantic gesture in my eyes. I get real happy just thinking about Naveen doing manual labor (he’s inexperienced at this so he’d get splinters n bruises) and you know Tiana would get shit done, badass that she is. and then they’d finish the day dead tired but feeling very accomplished and proud of each other. They are so great :__:

also they are really hot like WoW 



I really wasn’t feeling down to study today so I made me these to use as my desktop background instead of studying

Love them

Guys I need sheet music


reblog with a song that sounds bad ass on the piano, or inbox me (whatever floats ur boat). I’ve got an archive of Disney soundtrack sheet music and I need some other stuff to play, so I’m taking tumblr recommendations cuz tumblrs r the best. Thanks for the help!


November Rain (Gus n’ Roses)



by HannahElizabethRemer

sooo prettyy!